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Course Curriculum (12 months access)

  • 1

    Course Instructions

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Open-cut mining

    • What is an open cut mine

    • Types of minerals/energy resources mined in an open-cut

    • Three basic steps to material removal - Example below is coal removal

    • Heavy mobile equipment - Opencut mining

    • Mining Tutorial

    • Open-cut mining quiz

    • Open Cut Mines In SA

  • 3

    Policies and Procedures, rosters and fatigue Management

    • Fatigue management

    • Rosters worked in SA

    • Hazards in mining

    • Policies And Procedures

    • Equipment Inspections

    • Mine vehicle safety

    • Questions on policies and procedures, fatigue management and rosters

  • 4

    Resume Tips

    • Introduction

    • 5 resume tips to help you land that interview

    • Quiz

  • 5

    The Interview

  • 6

    What to do next

    • Get mine ready

    • Contractor Contacts

Jump the queue for a mining job in SA

In this course you will learn how a mine works, equipment on a mine site, the dangers of mining, rosters, shift work, fatigue management along with resume tips, interview preparedness and most importantly "what to do next" in your quest for a mining job in your chosen state.



Justin Kavanagh

A devoted family man and mining enthusiast, Justin started his operational mining career in 2005. Still to this day he is gobsmacked by the size of the equipment and enjoys operating them when he can get away from projects and business. Justin has a passion for helping both people within the industry and from outside. He himself was once that person looking for an opportunity to work within the mining industry.

Testimonials and facts

  • Jamie Pinfold (QLD)

    After hours upon hours of research looking for ways to get into the mines and not getting anywhere I came across MineFlex Solutions. Cheers Justin

  • Cohen Geddes (NSW)

    Great introductory course. Content was just right and directed me to take the necessary steps in achieving what i set out for.

  • Fact

    The main commodities mined in SA are: Copper, Iron Ore, Uranium, Gold, Other (Lead, Zinc, Silver, Heavy Mineral Sands, Kaolin, Coal and Coal-to-Liquids)

  • Fact

    Labour shortages will pose a serious challenge for South Australia once the rapid development of mining projects occurs over the next 10 years, particularly from 2022 onwards.


  • Are you looking for a way to earn more money?

  • Would you consider a career change?

  • Is mining something that interests you?

  • Do you want to spend hours upon hours researching mining to get nowhere?


Act today and set up tomorrow

Getting a start in the mining industry more often than not comes down to timing. And then when the time is right, there are massive queues and it all becomes somewhat of a rush. Let us help you get mine ready now, jump the queue when it's "go time" and prepare you for the interview that will change your life.
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